Hello Everyday Stoners ✌💚💨
Hello Everyday Stoners ✌💚💨
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Puff Puff Paint

Brought to you by Everyday Mari J, we specialize in all things crafting and all things cannabis!

With a pre-discussed fee per person, Everyday Mari J provides art supplies, art instruction, and a gift for the class. Each class will have a two-hour time frame where we teach the class how to paint, step-by-step, within a cannabis friendly environment, allowing people to relax, get creative and try something new with friends or family. These are considered private events, with attendees over the age of 21 or 18+ with a medical card. With our classes we hope to provide a fun and safe space for cannabis
enthusiasts to get creative! Each month we will have a new elevated idea to paint, have something in mind? Let us know, we can accommodate almost any design!

 If your business wants to host a party, or you want to host a home party yourself send an email to